Seattle Restaurant Week Round 2

The next one I went to was Lloyd Martin located in Upper Queen Anne. I’ve been to this restaurant twice already and I haven’t been disappointed yet! I was really excited to go this time around for SRW.

Atmosphere: A cozy restaurant with not that much seating. I would definitely recommend making a reservation. There’s some bar seating and a few tables. It can get pretty dark at night but during the day, there’s a nice amount of light coming in.

Pricing: SRW dinners are three courses for $28.

Service: I have actually had our server before and he’s really on top of his game! They always replace your silverware each course and serve everyone’s dishes at the same time.

IMG_0299 IMG_0300

One of the appetizers – chicken liver mousse with pickles, sea salt, and a baguette. I had a bite of this and the liver mousse was really good!


Another appetizer – hamachi, baklouti (the green pepper), pineapple, cucumber, and sea salt. I’m not a huge fan of peppers so I picked those off.. hehe. The sea salt drew out a lot of flavor from the hamachi. It was my favorite appetizer of the three.


Third appetizer – mixed lettuce with sherry walnut vinaigrette, tossed walnuts, and shaved wookie hole cheddar. It was a nice light salad and the cheese was a little heavier than I thought.


First entree – baked king oyster mushroom, cavatelli pasta with truffle fondue. My favorite entree. The mushrooms were sooo good. I love all things cheesy and the burnt parts were the best.


Second entree – beef bolognese, fettuccine, and parmesan. It was a pretty large portion and I think it’s your classic bolognese dish. You can’t really go wrong with this choice.


Third entree – pork roast, white bean ragout, and mole. This was a really great dish as well. It was my second favorite. The pork was nice and tender with some fatty bits that I didn’t regret eating. Nice crust that was just a tiny bit crispy. Yum yum.


First dessert – blue cheese, bar cherries, watercress, and sourdough bread. My friend just wanted to get it for the table to try. So nice.. but I didn’t end up trying it because she said it kind of tasted weird. Haha. The sourdough bread was good though!


Dessert #2 – chocolate mousse with hazelnut creme. I thought it was pretty good. Nothing too special jumped at me about it though.


3rd dessert – tres leches cake with orange, chestnut caramel, and vanilla sour cream. I know it doesn’t look that appealing and looks like bacteria colonies growing on an agar plate BUT it was much tastier than it looks. It’s probably my favorite of the three.

Overall: I had high expectations for Lloyd Martin from my previous experiences. This one didn’t blow my mind but I still enjoyed it (entrees were the best part!). I discovered they have a room where they keep their wine right behind the tables along the wall. I will still come back because I know the chef, Sam, will come up with great things! They also rotate their SRW menus almost daily.

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Seattle Restaurant Week Round 1

Spring Seattle Restaurant Week has begun! My first stop is lunch at McCormick & Schmick’s Harborside located on Westlake. It was a cloudy day so South Lake Union still had a pleasant view. There was really great lighting with large windows along the lake side.

Atmosphere: Lunch was located on the second floor and there was a ton of natural light that came through from the windows. Ample amount of seating as well. They can accommodate for large parties. I went with a group of 8.

Pricing: Lunch for SRW is $15 not including tax and gratuity.

Service: Our server was spot on and our water was refilled probably 23904820 times. Even with a large party, the servers got everyone’s dishes correctly placed when they were bringing them out. The only hiccup was my friend ordered her salad dressing on the side but it was brought out already mixed. They replaced the dish quickly though. Her dessert was also supposed to be sorbet with berries, but the sorbet turned out to be like chocolate fudge ice cream and the berries were missing. That was more the kitchen’s fault than the server’s.


Appetizer – Penn Cove Mussels, steamed in garlic, ginger, and lemon grass broth. There were a lot of mussels and the broth was delicious! We were also served bread and that went nicely with the broth.


Entree – Grilled Idaho trout seared “picatta style” topped with caper garlic butter. The fish was flaky and the sauce was very buttery. The green beans and mashed potatoes also tasted buttery. The mashed potatoes were a little sweet and more yellow in color than I would have expected.


Dessert – creme brulee! After my first bite, I noticed the the cream underneath the burnt sugar was very different than the others I’ve tasted. The texture was much harder and not “whip” like. It had a thicker consistency than pudding. To be honest, it was only okay and not my favorite.

IMG_0290The other dessert that was served – warm apple crumble with cinnamon ice cream. I thought this dessert was way better than the creme brulee. The granola was nice and crisp and the portion size was really large. I definitely wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own.

Overall: I’ve been here for happy hour and my brother’s wedding was catered by McCormick so I knew the food would be tasty. Overall, I thought the lunch was pretty good, not the best or the worst I’ve had. I think everyone else in my group enjoyed it except for the sorbet. It’s a Seattle staple with some good seafood!

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Sunday Morning Brunch

I’ve been exploring upper Queen Anne since my boyfriend moved into that area and we’ve been to most of the restaurants along Queen Anne Ave N. We decided to explore nearby and found this bakery called Macrina. It’s a cute cafe with tons of delicious looking pastries and food.

Atmosphere: Nice cozy space with plenty of seating at counters and tables.

Pricing: A little pricy for a bakery, but I can tell that their food is fresh and meticulously made. Brunch items ranged from $8-$12. Pastries were about $3-$5.

Service: The staff was super friendly and helpful as it was our first time going.


This was my egg sandwich on brioche bialy baked with sweet onions and poppy seeds layered in goat cheese, egg and basil. Added smoked applewood bacon for a dollar. Delicious and it looks like a cute fish.



Thick cut brioche french toast with sweet apples and Zoe’s chicken sausages topped with mascapone whip cream and walnuts.

Short and sweet breakfast. I loved the savory sausage with the sweet french toast. The portions of both dishes were quite large and filling. I would definitely come back to try their other brunch items. They rotate their menu weekly and have a standard breakfast menu. I also got an iced Mexican mocha (not pictured) that was also delicious!

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Valentine’s Day Date

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently! I have been pretty busy with school and the quarter is finally over. Woohoo! This past Valentine’s day, I went to Rockcreek located in Fremont. It’s a newer restaurant that is right next to Uneeda Burger (also really like that place).

Atmosphere: It has really classy wooden decor with a bar and a little patio area in the front. It’s also two stories. I didn’t get a chance to go upstairs but there seemed to have a lot of seating. It didn’t look that big of a restaurant from the outside. With the high ceiling, it made the restaurant seem even bigger.

Pricing: It’s a little on your expensive side. Small plates are about $12-$14. Entrees are about $20. They encourage sharing, which is what we usually tend to do.

Service: Our waiter was excellent! He kept checking in on us and made some really great recommendations that we ended up getting. A+



Rockcreek oyster stew with smoked bacon, sofrito, herb butter and Tobasco crackers. The spiciness of the soup surprised me until I looked to see what was in it.

IMG_0040Dungeness crab chile relleno, bright tomatilla salsa, cool radish herb salad. It was basically a pepper with dungeness crab inside. really interesting and had a lot of great flavors. The texture was nice too with the crunch pepper and soft crab.


Split Oregon Poussin, butternut squash, root vegetable has, brown butter, sage, and hazelnuts. Very tender chicken! It was bigger than I thought it would be.

IMG_0068This was probably my favorite. Short Trip Neah Bay black cod, sherry, lime, caramelized shallots. The flavor was sweet, but balanced out with the fish. Very flaky as well!

IMG_0076I can’t resist desserts! This was the smore – graham cracker, chocolate mousse, smoked meringue, caramel, and sprinkled sea salt on top. It was a really great combo.

Overall: I thought everything was delicious and they served larger portions than some other nicer restaurants I’ve been to. I was pretty happy with the dinner and I would give them a 4.5/5. I heard their brunch is super good, but they don’t take any reservations for that :/ I’ll have to come back and try it :)

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