Valentine’s Day Date

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently! I have been pretty busy with school and the quarter is finally over. Woohoo! This past Valentine’s day, I went to Rockcreek located in Fremont. It’s a newer restaurant that is right next to Uneeda Burger (also really like that place).

Atmosphere: It has really classy wooden decor with a bar and a little patio area in the front. It’s also two stories. I didn’t get a chance to go upstairs but there seemed to have a lot of seating. It didn’t look that big of a restaurant from the outside. With the high ceiling, it made the restaurant seem even bigger.

Pricing: It’s a little on your expensive side. Small plates are about $12-$14. Entrees are about $20. They encourage sharing, which is what we usually tend to do.

Service: Our waiter was excellent! He kept checking in on us and made some really great recommendations that we ended up getting. A+



Rockcreek oyster stew with smoked bacon, sofrito, herb butter and Tobasco crackers. The spiciness of the soup surprised me until I looked to see what was in it.

IMG_0040Dungeness crab chile relleno, bright tomatilla salsa, cool radish herb salad. It was basically a pepper with dungeness crab inside. really interesting and had a lot of great flavors. The texture was nice too with the crunch pepper and soft crab.


Split Oregon Poussin, butternut squash, root vegetable has, brown butter, sage, and hazelnuts. Very tender chicken! It was bigger than I thought it would be.

IMG_0068This was probably my favorite. Short Trip Neah Bay black cod, sherry, lime, caramelized shallots. The flavor was sweet, but balanced out with the fish. Very flaky as well!

IMG_0076I can’t resist desserts! This was the smore – graham cracker, chocolate mousse, smoked meringue, caramel, and sprinkled sea salt on top. It was a really great combo.

Overall: I thought everything was delicious and they served larger portions than some other nicer restaurants I’ve been to. I was pretty happy with the dinner and I would give them a 4.5/5. I heard their brunch is super good, but they don’t take any reservations for that :/ I’ll have to come back and try it 🙂

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Fooood galore

I’m really excited to post about this!! I won tickets from the WA State Beef Commission to Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Tasting & Food Awards. My brother went last year and after I saw his pictures, I knew I really wanted to attend this year. I’m glad I got the opportunity to go because there was such a ridiculous amount of food to try!

Atmosphere: This was held at the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle. Gorgeous venue!

Pricing: Free for me! General admission is $45. There’s also VIP (you get a swag bag and also early entry, which is a huge plus because you get to skip the huge crowd) which is $85.

Service: Self serve, grab as you go kind of dealio.

IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6794 IMG_6799 IMG_6801 IMG_6804 IMG_6808 IMG_6811IMG_6830IMG_6837 IMG_6830 IMG_6817 IMG_6821 IMG_6834 IMG_6840IMG_6842IMG_6845

Overall: This is just some of the collection of pictures I managed to get while scavenging for food! There were 50+ vendors, including some food trucks stationed outside. Some of my favorites were the salmon, tuna ahi, and Cake Envy cupcakes. There was really so much food I could barely sample everything with just a bite. Those grasshoppers though.. were really interesting. I’m ready to be on Fear Factor! Jk. Crunchy and salty, as expected.  I can’t wait to attend next year 🙂


NYC – Dessert for days!

I’m sure you have seen or at least heard of the movie, Serendipity. Basically, it’s about a couple and they eat ice cream at this place, Serendipity 3! This place has ultimate desserts… as you will see. Unfortunately, this cafe charges a minimum of $8 per person, so each person might as well order a dessert. In addition, they also serve food, but we just went there for the desserts.

Strawberry fields sundae, cheesecake, strawberry ice cream, strawberries, and whip cream. Yum, this was one of my favorites that we ate.

Frozen strawberry lemonade called “pink ice.” Nice drink to sip on that wasn’t too sweet

“Big apple pie,” that actually wasn’t that big, but just a slice of pie. My friend Tiffany really liked this. There was a nice mixture of flavors of apple, peacan and crust.

The most famous frozen hot chocolate. This was my other favorite. I couldn’t stop drinking this!

You usually always have to wait because this cafe is pretty small. There’s no reservations and it’s a little hard to find, off of a main street. It’s a little overpriced here, but it’s worth going to try. The decorations remind me of being in Alice in Wonderland. They also have this “Golden Opulence Sundae,” which earned them a spot in the Guinness World Record book. It costs $1,000 and you need to order it 48 hours in advance. These weren’t the best tasting, but it was a fun experience sharing all of these desserts.
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I went down to Portland for the weekend (May 20) for Kathy’s graduation party. Of course on the list was Waffle Window. Johnny and I discovered it one day when we decided we wanted some brunch before I had to head home. This was absolutely a treasure to find.
I went with all the girl cousins and Johnny. Johnny and I decided to split 3 waffles, where Cindy and Lily split one, Kathy ate one by herself. Yeah, you can say Johnny and I are fat asses, proud of it 🙂

This is the blueberry cheesecake waffle. It’s blueberry cinnamon compote on top of a cream filled pudding with whip cream that’s sprinkled with graham cracker crust topping. It was quite tasty, but the whip cream was a little much. Both Johnny and I, and Cindy/Lily got this one.

The end result of the blueberry cheesecake waffle.

Johnny and I also got another sweet waffle, it is called the Rose City waffle. Compared to the blueberry, Johnny and I weren’t a big fan of the rose flavoring. The sliced strawberries on top of this crunchy, sugar-coated waffle was delicious though. It’s topped with rhubarb sauce and also whip cream. This place definitely puts whip cream on all of their sweet waffles.

This was by far our favorite waffle. It was the Farm Fusion waffle, with the same slightly crunchy/sweet waffle with spinach, grilled mushrooms, red peppers, tomatoes and marinated chevre. It was a good complement to the savory waffles we ate.

The Waffle Window didn’t really have much seating, luckily it was a decent dry day in Portland, so we sat outside. There was quite limited seating inside.

This is the other waffle Kathy got. It was the ham and cheese waffle. It’s black forest ham with Jarlsberg and Gruyere cheeses served with Grade A maple syrup. Yum for sure, I enjoyed that probably more than my sweet waffles.

Overall, there are so many waffles to try, and with their menu constantly changing.. it’s definitely worth coming back. It’s also at a decent price of $4-$5 each. Those sweet waffles are a good dessert to end any dinner. They close at 9pm on weekends!

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Day with Johnny-love

Johnny came up this weekend and I was sooo excited! I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks and when Johnny comes, we always explore and try some delicious food places 🙂
For lunch, we went to Marination Station in Capitol Hill. This is originally Marination Mobile, which is a food truck that relocates everyday, but now they have established a restaurant and decided to give it a try.

We ordered 2 kalbi beef tacos and one spicy pork taco. I’m not a big fan of spicy, but the spicy pork was not actually too spicy. Both had a lot of flavor of BBQ. You can tell it is Korean-influenced but the balance of the tortilla and veggies was delightful.

We also got 2 sliders. One was spam and the other is Kahlua pig. I preferred the spam, it had a lot of flavor and was not too salty. The kahlua pig was a little big on the hard side and did not had as much flavor as the spam.


Going to Capitol Hill also means.. going to the one and only Yogurtland in Washington! This is Johnny’s, he got pistachio and plain tart froyo topped with chopped almonds (which he loveeeed), strawberries, and mango. I was surprised, the mango was not as tart and the strawberries were in larger chunks than usual.

I got pineapple guava tart and cinnamon graham cracker froyo, topped with strawberries, Reese’s, and Butterfinger bits. Sure the froyo combinations were a little questionable, but I still loved it regardless! Johnny just looked at me with a weird expression =P

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