Neighborhood treasure

Before going to Wicked, we went to Ristorante Doria, a quaint little Italian restaurant on the corner of Roosevelt and 50th in the U-district. I’ve been here once before and I really enjoyed everything they had to offer.

Atmosphere: Upon entering, it’s a cozy restaurant that instantly seems family oriented. With it’s semi-dim lighting, it sets the mood as romantic and intimate, yet also welcoming and homey. Nice decor, can accomodate a large party as well.

Pricing: It’s about the price you would expect for an Italian restaurant, entrees were about $13-$20. Their price is pretty reasonable for the portion size you get. Well worth it!

Service: Very friendly wait staff. Their chef sometimes comes by to greet everyone and say hi, which is nice because you know how busy they can be. Excellent service though.

Crab bisque, one of the specials for the night. Nice tomato flavor and plenty of crab to go around.

My dish! Calamari linguini with pesto sauce. I love pesto and I love calamari! It was really  tasty as I expected. Not too heavy on the stomach either. I couldn’t stop eating it.

My friend’s dish. This was also the special for the day. A mixture of seafood with light tomato sauce.

Another friend’s dish – linguini with clams in extra virgin light olive oil, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes, and tomatos.

Rigatoni tossed with homemade sausage, tomato sauce, cream, and a touch of white truffle oil.

Johnny’s dish. I really liked it – lots of flavor from the chicken breast in marsala wine demiglace with wild mushrooms that went well with the pasta in tomato sauce. I couldn’t stop eating it!

Overall: I really enjoyed our dinner, the food came out pretty quick and it was a really great evening. They also have happy hour from 4-6p that I will definitely have to try (some dishes that are half off!). There were so many dishes that sounded delicious. One in particular that I had last time was gnocchi and I must say it was the best I’ve ever had! It was so light and fluffy that melts in your mouth. You will NOT regret it 🙂

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Sandwich Manwich

Deemed one of the most delicious sandwich shops in Seattle, is Salumi. Adam Richman is on Best Sandwich in America featured on the Travel Channel declared the oxtail sandwich as one of the best in the nation. This exclusive shop is only open 11-4 Tues-Fri located in Pioneer Square. There is always a line, no matter when you go.

Atmosphere: It’s a pretty small shop and there is not much space to sit and eat. However, they do cater for parties of about 8-10 with a special set menu. It’s a very homey shop and it seems like everyone is family there.

Pricing: Sandwiches are about $8-$10. They accept card or cash. They are very well known for their specialty meats so many purchase those in addition.

Service: Once you’re finally in the store, they will make your sandwich as you order it right in front of you. Kind of like Subway. For my first time, they were very nice and gave great advice to what tastes good with what. If you find space to sit down there are water cups for you. There are also people who bus your table for you after you’re done.

Food: Oxtail is their specialty sandwich that they only have every couple of months  for one week and it is the one that Adam Richman tried. That Tuesday, I attempted to go, but within 20 minutes, they sold out of the sandwich!
I went on Friday and got there 45 minutes early to get the sandwich! Sorry this is poorer quality, it was taken with my phone. Here it is – oxtail! It is a tomato stew, in their infamous pocket bread. There was some celery in it also. Huge sandwich! I ate half and was plenty full. The meat was ridiculously tender.
On the day they ran out of oxtail, I got the Salumi Salami sandwich. This is one of their many cold sandwiches. I also got it with mozzarella cheese (additional $1.50). Also in their pocket bread. This was definitely a lighter sandwich than the hot ones and it was a perfect combination of meat with cheese. I could probably eat this everyday.

Overall: I’ve been here three times and the first time, I got the porchetta with onions (also comes with green peppers, but I’m not a big fan). It was a very meaty sandwich, a little bit too meaty for me, but it was still quite delicious in the pocket bread. There are so many sandwiches to try that I would definitely come again. You can expect to wait for an average of about half an hour though, but it only makes eating the sandwich that much more better.

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Cute little piggy

I recently got into UW Pharmacy! Yay. To celebrate, Johnny and I went to Blind Pig Bistro. A new restaurant on Eastlake between U District and downtown. It’s a pretty tiny spot, but there are different portioned dishes you can try and share.

Pork Rillete with squash. The bread was pretty crisp and toasty. Pork rillete was quite fatty and a little bit salty, but the squash balanced that out. Nice starter dish

Risotto with hedgehog mushroom sprinkled with mint. I really liked the mushroom in here, definitely one of my favorites. Again, a tiny bit too salty for my taste. Nonetheless still tasty.

Sturgeon with pine nuts, brussel sprouts, anchovy and currants. This had a really good balance of flavors and the crunch of pine nuts added to the texture. I think this was a great whole dish.

By far, my favorite dish of the night. Flat iron steak with charred eggplant sauce and potatoes. We got the smaller portion, but it certainly was not enough. The outside was done quite nicely because it was somewhat caramelized. Still medium rare on the inside.

What’s great about this place is that their menu is constantly changing and you can check them out on their facebook. I am definitely coming back for the steak and the duck breast was another dish I wanted to try.. so many options!

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Hidden Pink Door

Hello! Sorry I have not been posting recently. I have been extremely busy with school! I have been applying to pharmacy school and had an interview with University of Hawaii last month. I got accepted a week later! It has been the highlight of my year so far. Back to the news of food, this is the last installment of Seattle Restaurant Week. (I know it’s been forever, my apologies!) This restaurant is called Pink Door that is in an alley near Pike Place. It’s very quaint.

Leaning tower of eggplant, rustic tomatoes. It all very tasty and had lots of good flavor. The oil also added a nice blend of flavors.

This was actually my appetizer that I did not enjoy as much. Calamari with spinach, garlic, and wine. I thought it was going to be deep fried because that was how I was used to. This was like a marinara sauce that seemed a little soupy.

“Bunny pasta” with mushrooms. Enough said

Grandma’s braciole. Steak flank with rich tomato sauce. It was.. okay, a little chewy. Not my favorite. Not pictured was the lasagna, which I heard was their best dish. I missed out for sure.

Every half hour or so, there was a trapeze artist that performed some pretty cool tricks. Very impressive! Right in the middle of the restaurant. The tables nearby probably felt like they would have gotten kicked. Notice the leaves on the floor.

Butterscotch pudding. It had a hint of alcohol in it, rum.. I believe. It was very, very good. The whip cream on the bottom added a nice soft flavor, even though the pudding was already soft. It made it seem “cooler.” Temperature wise

Rich, dark chocolate cake

Overall, a very entertaining place to come eat. Not sure if the food was my favorite, but the company was great that night.

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NYC – Day with the ladies

It’s a double post kind of day! The next day in New York, all of the ladies spent it together, which was really nice. It started with brunch at Banc.

Since I absolutely love eggs benedict, I had to try this one. If you can’t tell what that is, it’s smoked salmon! This is probably my most favorite eggs benedict I have had.. and I have had quite a few of them if you are an avid reader of my blog. If you haven’t, I have had about 6 different ones at various restaurants. Thinking back to this meal just makes me salivate.
A look to the goodness after its been saturated in yolk. Yum.

This is Carol! My buddy throughout the whole trip. Behind us is Highline Park, one of the newest parks in NYC. It was one of my favorite spots we went to because it’s a park above the city. Peaceful, long walks, great views.. what more do you need

What’s a trip to NYC without pizza?! We had to get some in Little Italy! This is the infamous Lombardi’s pizza. Mushrooms, cheese…. garnishes. Yum. We had to fold it to eat it like a true New Yorker.

The other one we indulged in with pepperoni. 🙂

During this same day, we went to Kleinfeld’s. My friend, Angie, was in love with it because she watches Say Yes to the Dress and it’s where the film it! It definitely made her day. My stomach was very happy that day.. the next post will be all about the desserts we ate after pizza :);)

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